VEGETABLE BOXES - Small £10 - Medium £13 - Large £16

FRUIT BOXES - Small £6 - Large £9


We like to keep it simple…

Our boxes are beautifully simple – just the best organic veg in three different sizes. You’ll get 50 different varieties, varying season to season. Every box has potatoes, onions and carrots (if you want them). Then there’s your fruit box, small or large, and local Rookery Farm organic eggs too. To keep food miles to a minimum, we only deliver between Brighton and Eastbourne.

We believe in conversation…

Instead of email or online ordering, we talk to you on the phone to get your order just right. We know the secret shortcut to Philippa’s cottage, we know when Bill is off to France, we know that Ajay is having a week of juicing and the Martins need extra potatoes for their houseful of guests. You’ll get the personal phone numbers for Pete for gardening advice, Sharon for cooking (and vegetable identifying!) and Miles for anything else. We’re always a phone call away.

To place an order call Miles 07815 019902 or 01323 741000

Food brings people together…

Family is at the heart of Hankham Organics and our veg boxers are part of that too. Some have been with us for 15 years; we’ve seen children grow up and become customers themselves. We hold open days and parties just for our customers, as well as cooking events and gardening sessions. 

15 years and a lot of love…

We have close relationships going back years with fantastic people like Infinity Foods, Trinity Wholefoods, Plawhatch Farm and The Montessori Place. We’re part of important networks such as the Soil Association and the Organic Growers Alliance. You’ll always find one of us popping off to an ecology talk or horticultural conference. We live what we believe. 

We deliver free anywhere between Brighton and Eastbourne

man with box
man tying canes
Stanley on tractor

Love the land and the land loves you…

Together we have worked to restore a vast dilapidated glasshouse, nurturing the land and nourishing the soil, until this beautiful site could prosper again. It took four years, uncountable panes of glass, a rainwater harvest system, and a lot of work and passion. We have a partnership with this land – it was here before us and will remain long after, and we see ourselves as the caretakers for the time in which we are lucky enough to tend it.

Doing what we do best…

We’re one of a handful of organic glasshouse growers in the UK. We especially love growing leafy stuff, with 40 different types of salad growing all through the year. We plant in a patchwork of crops, mixed together for biodiversity. For our boxes, we have a community of talented specialist growers to make sure you get the best apples and potatoes to go with our glasshouse crops.


VEGETABLE BOXES - Small £10 - Medium £13 - Large £16

FRUIT BOXES - Small £6 - Large £9